The Paperless Office Challenge

The benefits of modern day Copiers & MFP’s when leasing or purchasing offer the ability to scan directly from your device to anywhere in your working environment.  This data can be manipulated into any format you wish- scan to email, scan to searchable PDF, scan to folder, scan to desktop or FTP.  The new phrase that seems to be sticking in our society is calling this “documents management” and now with the roll out of Apps that run on copiers, you can easily scan directly to the following cloud storage services:
• Box
• Concur
• Evernote®
• Egnyte
• SharePoint
• SharePoint Online
• Google DriveTM
• DropBox
• YouSendIt
• NetDocuments
• Salesforce
• NetSuite
• DocumentMall

All of this can be done seamlessly, with access to these made just as easy with mobile device access.  But, on the local level within your office environment can be a bit different.   You may face significant challenges to existing infrastructure on several levels. This can be identifying information sources, compatibility with existing CRM’s & ERP’s, storage, archiving, indexing properties, meta data entries (that are accurate), ensuring the proper workflow processes and more. The entire process can challenge even the most organized of managers. The cost to businesses is a huge amount of work hours dedicated to ensuring all of the data is organized, secured and efforts aren’t being duplicated across divisions.

The Impact of Big Data on the Organization
On the front-end, or the forward facing portion of your company that interfaces with customers, the wealth of knowledge that you can gain from big data can inform decision-making processes in your company. This includes background on how and when your products are being used, the specific geographies or demographics in which you can find your customers, and how your customer service is solving issues and generating new revenue.
On the back-end, or the logistical side of things, the trends that you can mine from your own historical data can help determine how much inventory to keep on hand or which supply centers are most efficient. These insights can help you harness cost overruns or find cheaper alternatives to moving product from A to B.
But just having more data isn’t a solution in itself. You need to have more intelligent data and processes as well. Whether it’s looking at outsourcing your big data or business process needs to specialized organizations, or simply getting some help on retaining digital records so everything is easily searchable, you will have to engineer new workflow processes to manage the influx of data.
The next task will be to build or implement a system that can retrieve the indexed data and make sense of the trends that will emerge. After these workflow processes have been implemented to actually harness the data, only then will you be able to use this data to justify your decisions and take full advantage of what big data can bring to your business.

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Announcing PPDM v3 – Edit PDF’s or Convert PDF to Word, Excel & More

Ricoh Americas in partnership with Automated Business Products is pleased to announce PPDM Personal Paperless Document Managerthe availability of Personal Paperless Document Manager (PPDM) v3. PPDM is a complimentary offering with the purchase of select model Copiers / Printers  a.k.a MFP machines.  PPDM is the combination of desktop, server, and MFP interface applications making document capture and conversion more personalized and more productive. The solution bundle gives users the ability to personalize the MFP with their own workflows and destination folders to simplify scanning and document conversion.  On the desktop, a suite of software applications give users the ability to modify, combine, or create new documents and send them into a corporate document management system or share with others via email or the cloud.


– DocumentMall Connector on the ¡§Send To¡¨ bar enabling users to index and upload documents to DocumentMall simply by dragging and dropping onto the DocumentMall icon
– PaperPort Anywhere, an optional free service with mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices
– Nuance Cloud Connector lets you to map a connection on your local drive
– Improved thumbnail support ¡V information icons provide additional details eliminating the need to
open documents
– New workspace options such as Recently Scanned / Recently Opened improve worker productivity
– Windows context menu support for files and folders

– New user interface and Start Page provides a fast start and superior guidance
– Connect and convert in the cloud with Nuance Cloud Connector
– 67 % increase in layout accuracy
– 34% increase in character accuracy on scanned halftones images
– 10% increase in character accuracy on digital camera images
– 20 % increase in Japanese symbol accuracy
– 27% average speed increase in processing of multipage documents
– 62% improvements in compression on searchable PDF-MRC files without losing character

– Add-ins for Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Windows 7
– Integrations with more document management systems
– Integrations with Microsoft 360 via SharePoint

Click here for a list of PPDM compatible Ricoh or Lanier Models

If you are considering a Copier Printer Lease or Rental, contact Automated Business Products at 303-407-3250 for a quote.

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Our Copiers & Printers Now Run Apps!

Denver, Colorado – Copiers in your office that you lease or rent are no longer just boring old duplication machines; they can now print, scan and fax…….AND, they can also run Apps like your Smart Phone.  Below we have listed a few of some of the coolest and latest technology Apps that you can implement on your machine.  Surprisingly, your current machine can most likely run Apps, call us to find out how to do this @ 303-778-0600
Kyocera MobilePrint Allows you to print from, or scan to your iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android, and many other smartphone or tablet devices. Print email attachments, pictures, documents or scan documents right to your device with the tap of a finger. You can even check your toner status, meter counts and other settings right from your desk! Ask us where to download this app right now!
Apps for your Copier or PrinterPaperCut allows you to view, control, manage & report on printing devices on your network. Bill back to departments by account codes for all fax, scans, prints or copies. You can also route large jobs to the most cost effective printers, set quotas, view user vol-umes, invoice usage & more.
Personal Paperless Document Management (PPDM) gives you full control over your documents. Convert documents into editable formats like PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint & more right from the copier control panel. You can create custom forms, convert paper files into searchable PDFs, secure documents & more.
Not sure if your machine is “Smart” enough?  Call us at 303-778-0600 to find out!
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Leasing a Copier on an Upgrade – How to NOT get Ripped Off!

If you are embarking upon leasing a copier or printer, read below.  This is an actual chat log from a customer who hit our website on Monday, July 23rd asking how they could get out of their lease, because they were shutting down their business.  You can also view the actual lease and invoice from this terrible situation below the chat log.

We see this all the time, it is a very poor industry practice that many people can easily become victim to by “upgrading early”.  Sometimes vendors will do this by offering a new machine or “special deal” while the customer still has a few years left on an existing lease.

Rolling an old lease into a new lease is simply stacking old debt on top of new debt and putting the chips in the banks favor, not yours.

The only time(s) you should roll an existing lease into a new one is when you have outgrown the volume of your current machine, you are growing rapidly or you only have a few months left and want new equipment and the remaining stream of payments is not drastic.  Be sure you know every term and limitation of you new agreement.

We ALWAYS inform our customers of these terms so there are no surprises like this onem, which have this type of outcome.

[10:28:13 AM] Visitor 1: [New Request]
From url:
Coming from:

Browser: MSIE7 on WinVista
Language: English (en-us)
Location: Cleveland, OH, United States (US)
More details:

Proactive prompt: Hello, thank you for visiting. Can I help you in any way?

I am shutting down my business and have 3 years left on my lease.  I need to find a company to take over the lease.
[You are now in charge of this chat (type ‘\help’ for commands)]

[10:28:29 AM] Eric J.: ok….sorry to hear that
[10:28:46 AM] Eric J.: what kind of machine is it
[10:29:03 AM] Visitor 1: I have a Kyocera TA250CI. Can your company help in any way?
[10:29:17 AM] Eric J.: what state are you in
[10:29:30 AM] Visitor 1: Ohio
[10:29:42 AM] Eric J.: I can try to help you, we do not service Ohio but I can still help if you wish.  How much are the monthly payments
[10:29:56 AM] Eric J.: and is service included in the contract
[10:29:58 AM] Visitor 1: $492
[10:30:05 AM] Visitor 1: Yes
[10:30:14 AM] Eric J.: if you can send me the actual lease I can look at it and tell you if we can take it over
[10:30:43 AM] Visitor 1: Thank you. I will now.
[10:31:43 AM] Visitor 1: I just emailed it to you. I will stay on the chat.
[10:31:49 AM] Eric J.: ok
[10:32:57 AM] Eric J.: got it, looking at it now
[10:33:06 AM] Visitor 1: ok
[10:35:32 AM] Eric J.: where is the service part of this lease (that talks about copy count included, etc)
[10:36:43 AM] Visitor 1: I just emailed
[10:36:48 AM] Eric J.: ok
[10:38:32 AM] Eric J.: Ok so I understand this correctly, you are paying 492.00 per month PLUS the invoice for service right?
[10:38:58 AM] Visitor 1: Yes. You are right. I do pay extra for service.
[10:39:25 AM] Eric J.: ok.  This is very high…when you signed this lease, did you roll in an older lease agreement?
[10:39:41 AM] Eric J.: or was this a brand new lease with no prior commitments added to it?
[10:40:15 AM] Visitor 1: I was already in a lease and then signed this one. I’m not sure if it was rolled in or not? I believe they cancelled it and restarted this one.
[10:40:35 AM] Eric J.: OK, that makes sense and explains why it is so hi.  Was your older lease up or did it still have time left on it?
[10:41:25 AM] Visitor 1: I still had time left. In fact, it was set to end in the next few months.
[10:41:50 AM] Eric J.: ok.  Because of that and the out of state issue, here is what I would do
[10:44:13 AM] Eric J.: We cannot assume this lease and because of your prior roll in, the amount is extremely high, which puts you in a terrible position because anyone looking for a 250ci right now can buy one new for 165 per month on the same lease term!
[10:44:57 AM] Eric J.: add service and they are at $371.00;  your current is 449.00 and does not even include the service.  You are in a position where there is no advantage for anyone to assume your lease whatsoever.  It would of made more sense to pay off your old lease instead of rolling it in.  This is where people fall victim to stacking.
[10:45:06 AM] Eric J.: I hate to tell you that, but you are in a really bad spot right now
[10:45:50 AM] Visitor 1: What are your thoughts? I did not personally sign for the lease.
[10:46:09 AM] Eric J.: I would try to pay it off, if you walk away from it, you will be subject to the legal proceedings stated in your lease….
[10:46:45 AM] Eric J.: I would try to pay it off every month
[10:47:08 AM] Visitor 1: ok. Thanks for the info.  I cannot believe this and have no idea how we got ourselves into this situation.  While it is not good, I do appreciate it.
[10:47:11 AM] Eric J.: yea…sorry for the bad news.
[10:47:17 AM] Visitor 1: [Visitor disconnected from chat (18 min)]

The Actual Lease is Here

Actual InvoiceCopier Service Invoice






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Copier Bonus Features- Print from your Android, iPhone, iPad, iTouch & More

Kyocera Copiers in Denver

Kyocera Mobile Print

Kyocera Mobile Print – Making your new copier cooler than cool!

If you are planning on leasing a copier in Denver, KYOCERA Mobile Print is a mobile print & scaning utility developed by KYOCERA Document Solutions.  With this app, anyone can use either an Android or Apple device to discover compatible KYOCERA printing devices and MFPs on any local Wi-Fi network.  When connected to the Wifi network, users can do the following:
• Print photos and documents stored on your Android mobile device. KYOCERA Mobile Print can handle a wide range of file formats, including PDF, JPG, PNG, and TXT. You can also print HTML files at lower resolution.
• Scan documents on a compatible MFP and save them to your Android device.
• E-mail files opened in KYOCERA Mobile Print, without having to close the app.
• Print webpages accessed through the app’s built-in web browser.The KYOCERA Mobile Print app is compatible with the following Android devices and KYOCERA printing devices:
• Android mobile devices running Android version 2.2 or later, 3.0 or later for Tablets
• KYOCERA printing devices and MFPs that support PDF Direct Print 1.4 or later

copiers & printers in denver







Which mobile devices are supported?

  • Apple iPad, iPad2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPod touch 3rd generation or later.
  • Android smartphones and tablets.

Which iOS versions are supported?

Version 4.2 or later.

Which Android versions are supported?

Version 2.2 or later for phones, and version 3.0 or later for tablets.

Supported KYOCERA models:

Monochrome Printer

Color Printer

A4 Monochrome MFP
FS-1028MFP/1128MFP, KM-2810/2820
FS-3040MFP/3140MFP, LS-3140MFP
FS-3540MFP/3640MFP, LS-3640MFP
FS-3040MFP+/3140MFP+, LS-3140MFP+

A4 Color MFP

A3 Monochrome MFP
TASKalfa 255/305, FS-6025MFP/6030MFP
TASKalfa 420i/520i
TASKalfa 300i
TASKalfa 3500i/4500i/5500i
TASKalfa 6500i/8000i

A3 Color MFP
TASKalfa 205c/255c
TASKalfa 552ci/500ci/400ci/300ci/250ci
TASKalfa 3050ci/3550ci/4550ci/5550ci
TASKalfa 6550ci/7550ci

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Schools- Make Your Copier Not Only Create Tests, But Grade Them for You!

Sound too good to be true?  Believe it or not, this is now a reality with Teaching Assistant, powered by any Kyocera HyPAS enable MFP/Copier.  HyPas is a device-based application that allows educational institutions to print customized bubble-test forms and answer keys with just a few keystrokes.  Once the test has been created, the system will print each one, automatically grade the test forms and give the user a detailed analysis of scores and feedback on student performance.  This data can then be printed, emailed or saved to a USB thumb drive in PDF format.  Security is standard with this feature, so all sensitive student data is protected because Teaching Assistant clears the data from the MFP after every job has been completed.  Since the application resides on the actual device, there are no IT infrastructure requirements to deal with.  This allows for easy set up and easy management.

Kyocera Teaching Assistant is an efficient, easy to use educational tool that provides cost significant cost savings and powerful results for today’s educational institutions.

Teaching Assistant Highlights:

– No server or PC is required to use Teaching Assistant
– Available for all Kyocera HyPAS enabled MFPs
– Bubble sheets and answer key print on plain paper, eliminating the need for special   media or scanning systems, which further lowers costs
– Increases productivity because time is no longer spent manually grading tests
– Automatically get summary and detail reports, including bar graphs, histograms & testing
– Detailed statistics provide educators with instant feedback on how students performed
– Routing test results to email saves paper, toner, productivity and energy
– Test reports are more accurate than human intervention/grading; human error is taken out of the equation
– Support for Spanish, French (Canada) and Portuguese (Brazil) Languages
– Job Account Codes can be programmed per educational department, segment, subject, etc.
– Powerful scanning density for lightly shaded marks

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Lease a Color Copier in Denver, CO- July Special- $69.00 Per Month

Through July 31st only- lease a color copier for 69.00 per month (36 month FMV lease) or purchase outright for $1,890.00.   MSRP is $3990.00; save over 50% off retail pricing.  Call now before they are gone!  303-778-0500

Desktop Copier Printer Scanner & Fax

This unit does it all- print, copy, scan & fax AND has a USB thumb drive port on the front!

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Frequently Asked Questions when Leasing or Buying a Copier

Should you buy or lease a copier? Sometimes this can be a daunting task, especially if you are an office manager or executive assistant who has been assigned to this decision.   How much do they cost per month?  If you just want a cost figure per month, you can use this copier lease pricing configurator here or keep reading.

Leasing a Copier (also called an MFP, for Multi-Function Peripheral) is an extended payment option for businesses or private parties who need to upgrade or replace their current equipment with flexible payment terms. Leasing allows you to pick a payment term (anywhere from 12-64 months in most cases) and lease type (FMV or $1 out). The difference is, FMV leases are simple and are the most common leases executed within the copying and printing industry. FMV stands for Fair Market Value, which means at the end of lease term, the customer or buyer (the Lessee) has the option to purchase the machine for sole ownership at that time for its Fair Market Value. This is an appraised value that is determined by the bank issuing the lease (the lessor). A $1.00 out Lease, or “buck out” is even easier. It is identical to a FMV lease, but the only difference is what happens at the end of the leasing term. Once your lease comes to fruition, instead of the option to buy your machine for the fair market value, the bank states the value of the machine at the beginning of your lease term (instead of the end), which of course is $1.00. So, you own your machine for a buck when your lease is over. Of course there is a catch here- your payments are higher than that of an FMV lease.

Below are answers to more frequently asked questions about MFP/Copier Leasing & Purchasing

•Should I lease, rent or buy a copier?

•How much does it cost to lease a copier?

•What is the difference between leasing and renting a copier?

•What is the average length of a copier lease?

•What speed copier should I buy or lease?

•Should I buy or lease an inkjet, laser copier, or digital copier?

•How do I get out of a copier lease?

Should I lease, rent or buy a copier?

This is often the most difficult question asked when making this decision. Here is some advice. Typically It makes sense to lease a machine if you are confident that you are capable of paying your monthly payment, each month on time, for the entire duration of that lease term. It also makes sense to do this if you are trying to conserve capital for other expenditures. Leasing (and renting) also qualify differently for deductions; under most standard accounting practices leasing and renting a copier can be written off entirely each month whereas a direct purchase must be depreciated over time. However, Election 179 counters this measure; consult with a CPA or tax attorney for specific details.

Renting a copier is great if you are sure you only need a machine for short duration and will not have a need for its use again over a long duration. Renting is very popular with trade shows, accounting practices during tax season or law firms who take a large case and need additional resources quickly. Typically Renting involves a monthly rental fee that is fully inclusive of a pre-determined page / copy volume, toner, parts, labor, service etc. There are is also a delivery and pick up fee that apply as well.

Buying a copier is in most cases the most uncommon practice because you immediately own the machine from the minute you pay for it.

Service agreements are the second largest decision to make when purchasing a copier. Service agreement are basically a warranty for the equipment that you pay for monthly, that includes a certain page volume and all toner, parts, labor and consumables. In most cases it includes everything with the exception of paper and staples. Many buyers get easily misled here with service contracts; you do not need to lease a machine just to get a service contract. You can still get a service contract if you purchase a machine as well. Many dealers will bundle a service contract into the copier lease but this is NOT a good practice. Here is why-

Advantages to bundling a service or maintenance agreement into a copier lease:

You get 1 invoice every month instead of two. That’s it.

Disadvantages to bundling a service or maintenance agreement into a copier lease:

1. The page volume is set in stone at the time of lease inception (so, if you “think” your volume will be 5,000 black and white pages per month and 1,000 color) then you sign your life away when you sign your lease. If you are wrong, and your true volume turns out to be 3,000 b&w and 100 color, tuff cookies! You signed up for 5000 and 1000 so that is what the bank will bill you for. This is often discovered after a few months into a lease, where a desire is expressed for change but, tuff cookies. The banks do not care, and you signed a contract which means you must pay it.

2.  You get 2 invoices every month instead of 1.

At Automated Business Products, we believe in the most ethical approach, which is NOT bundling your service contract into your lease.

When does leasing a copier not make any sense?

If you are the owner of a new business, and are concerned about long term survival it may not make sense, A copier lease is almost always impossible to break, so if long term commitment is not in your future, than leasing is not a good idea. Additionally, most new businesses can have difficulty getting approval from a bank for a lease; expect to sign a personal guarantee if you have been in business under 2 years and are trying to get approval for a lease. just like any other leasing contract. Also, if your business makes fewer than 700 copies a month, it may not make sense to enter a leasing contract for a business-level or multifunction copier. You might consider buying an all-in-one copier, which is a smaller, usually desktop copy machine that can print, copy, scan, and fax just like a multifunction copier but at a slower speed. Make sure to look for a laser all-in-one copier rather than an inkjet copier, because inkjet ink is more expensive than laser toner. Inkjet printers have a price per page of around 20 cents, compared to laser printer pages which cost about 6 cents a page.

How much does it cost to lease a copier?

Most businesses pay anywhere between $100 and $650 a month to lease a multifunction copy machine. However, we can lease color copiers starting at $49.00 per month.

What is the average length of a copier lease?

Most leases conform to 12, 24, 36, 39, 48, 60, & 63 month terms. The most common lease chosen in the industry is 36 months FMV.

What speed copier should I buy or lease?

This is where people find themselves in “analysis paralysis”. What speed, what features, paper size, etc. This can be confusing and overwhelming at the same time. Most machines come standard with all of the bells and whistles (Duplexing, collating, stapling, scanning, faxing, etc.). If this will be your office’s first copy machine, and your volume is around 3-5k per month (for color & b/w) then you should be fine with a machine that prints between 20-30ppm (pages per minute). Keep in mind that 30 pages per minute means you get 1 page every 2 seconds. What you need to do is really ask yourself and your staff what is most important to them when printing or copying, what they do with that job after it is printed or copied and how can this machine make you or your staff more efficient? Our line of machines allows you scan right to email from the machine, scan to a thumb drive, scan to your iPhone, print from your iPhone and more.

If you own a law firm or a high-demand need for copies or prints, with several users on staff who use the machine frequently then you should get a faster machine; at least 40 pages per minute and as high as 70ppm.

Should I lease an inkjet, laser copier, or digital copier? What is the difference??

Inkjet copiers or printers are never a good idea for any size of business because they are the most expensive and have the worst visual output. Inkjet devices have a cost per page of about 20-32 cents, per color page, while printers from a laser device costs about 6-9 cents per color page (b/w is approx. 9 cents on an inkjet and 1 cent or less on laser). Inkjet devices are also a lower capacity output, meaning that you’ll have to replace paper and ink two to three times more than a laser. Inkjet cartridges can also dry up if not used, which can lead to a repair of the ink head and a replacement of the costly cartridge. Last but not lease, inkjets are SLOW! They only real use inkjet devices have are for home or consumer use that is very infrequent. To sum it up, they don’t make any sense for a business whatsoever.

Laser copiers: A laser copier or printer is the most popular choice among businesses because they print / copy at a faster speed and require toner (which costs less per page than inkjet devices). Not to mention, laser printer copiers produce much higher-quality documents (which should be important to you if you’re often printing presentations or contracts). Also, toner is dry- so unlink inkjets, it will never dry up!

Digital Copiers: Most of today’s business or laser copiers are also called digital copiers. By “digital,” this means the device includes an internal scanner or fax, meaning the machine can scan and store documents. Scanning is very common these days as faxing is almost obsolete. This is very useful for most offices because devices can scan a document and then either store it immediately, fax it immediately or email it right from the copier. Once a document has been converted to digital, it can then be archived on your computer or server instead of a paper filing cabinet. What is even more important about this element is the retrieval process of that document when it is needed. It can be found with a simple keyword within that document instead of digging through paper files. Think about that- what if someone misplaces an important contract in your filing cabinet? It could take you hours or days to find it. Digital never has that problem because a simple word will retrieve the document for you.

Analog Copiers: At the time of this article being written (March of 2012) I am quite confident that no one is producing analog copiers any longer. The difference between analog copiers and digital copiers is the technology. Analog copiers would have to scan a document ten times, in order to make 10 copies of it. A digital copier can remember the scanned document and make 10 copies of it after scanning it only once. Additionally, analog copiers could not print, scan or store documents.

How to get out of a copier lease (or how do I terminate, cancel or end my current copier lease?)

Since we are in the business of leasing office equipment, we have very detailed knowledge in this area. There are several things you can do, or look for that may allow you to exercise the termination of your lease. We will absolutely need to review your current lease, which you can email to us at .  Be sure to include your information so we can respond with our instructions.

If you need to write a termination letter at the end of your lease, we have a lease termination template letter that is already written and covers everything you need to state to legally end your lease that you can download here.  Or, email us and we will send it to you immediately at

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Copiers in Denver – Buy From the Best!

Automated Business Products of Denver specializes in sales of Copiers, MFP’s, Scanners, Document Solutions and more.  View our list of Copiers in Denver Here.

More about our story-

Automated Business Products (ABP) has been locally owned and operated since 2005, at which time, we purchased the 23 year old Panasonic Digital Document Company branch in Denver.  ABP provides three key components to our customers.  First, transparency in your selection, leasing, and contracting that you will not find with any of our competitors.  Second, we are fanatical about customer service.  If you are not happy, we are not happy.  Third, we back it up with the strongest customer satisfaction guarantees in this industry.

Our experienced team makes the selection process easy for you, and because we set the bar so high for ourselves, you’ll love doing business with US. When you buy or lease equipment from Automated Business Products, and cover it with a service and supply agreement – ABP has you covered!

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Kyocera & Lanier (Ricoh) Dealer in Denver- Automated Business Products

We provide sales, leasing, rentals and service for Copiers, Printers & MFP’s  in Denver.  We are certified dealers for sales / service for Lanier (Ricoh), Kyocera, Oki, and Panasonic.   We also repair HP printers and provide toner and supplies for all equipment!

If you have older copy machines or equipment in Denver that needs a tune-up, or you want to look at upgrading, we have several options for you to consider.  Give us a call!  303-407-3250

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