How color can help your business in other ways than just aesthetics

Why should we print our documents in color?  Why would we spend the money?   What does it matter? 

These are all very commonly asked questions when considering a new printer or MFP for your business.  Instead of shedding light on opinions, how about some real data from studies that were conducted in the field-

  • A study done by the Pantone Institute showed that people are up to 78% more likely to retain a word / phrase printed in color compared to black and white
  •  According to the Institute for Color Research, close to 90 percent of subconscious judgments about a person, environment, or item are based on color alone
  • Another study revealed that full color documents create a 34% faster response time and 48% increase in repeat orders when compared to black and white documents used in correspondence.   This is without a doubt, a clear indicator of how intuitive and powerful color is!

Believe it or not, switching to a color MFP can actually save you money.  Call us so we can prove it to you!  303-407-3250

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