Stop the paper jam in your office with Document Management Solutions!

Tired of the “document paper chase” in your office with your colleagues? Document Management Solutions is the cure!   Actual Example-  You need to get an expenditure approved immediately to buy a new piece of equipment.  The mere thought of it makes you sick because the approval process is brain damage….your request has to get 3 signatures and then head to accounting where it can sit for days.  Then, throw in some disorganization with a few of the hands that touch it, and days can turn into weeks.

Alas!  There is a cure.  Document Management Solutions!   You start with one document, which is emailed to party one.  It has a timer on it and constantly reminds that user what they need to do (electronically approve a document or add a digital signature, etc).  Once they approve it, it is routed to user 2, with the same reminders, and repeats itself until your request is finalized and approved!  All of the routing is electronic via email and fully customizable, with time-lines and expirations that you can set per request.   Set it and forget it!  Before you know it, you will get a notification stating your request has been approved!  Even better, everything can automatically be archived with one mouse click!

Now, wasn’t that easy?  Call us for details!  303-407-3250


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