Three Tier Color | Kyocera’s Best Money-Saving Feature

Three Tier Color is a revolutionary feature from Kyocera on their newest copiers. Why it’s revolutionary you might ask? It saves you money, and here’s how.

Kyocera with Three Tier Color

When entering into a service contract or lease agreement, the terms will likely be based on a count basis. This means that the printer counts how many sheets you print and the company charges you based on that. Service contracts normally include toner as well due to its high cost. And because black and white toner is cheaper than color, businesses are charged more for color prints. Now, think about this. You print a sheet with one little email address in blue. Well, now that’s a color print and you’ll be charged more. Not on new Kyocera’s! Their Three Tier Color allows for splitting color prints into three tiers. Each level can be customized to a certain percentage and price as negotiated in the contract. This takes your business away from rounding in favor of the leasing company. Instead, you pay for what you are truly using.

Automated Business Products is a top rated Kyocera dealer who excels at incorporating this into your contracts. If you have any interest in one of these copiers, please fill out this short survey and we’ll be getting back to you soon.

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